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Before you lies a great cavern, full of swords. You have come to gain strength and protection, you may leave with exactly one item.

Roll a six-sided dice then download the corresponding zip file. Unzip the file and look through the swords inside. Take your time. Consider all the different swords, the ways they are similar and the ways they are differ. When you find a sword that speaks to you, this is your sword. Make it the lock screen and/or background of your phone then delete all the remaining swords from your computer.

Every time you see your sword, think about the things the sword protected you from recently.
If anyone asks about your sword, tell them you found it in a cavern.
If you meet anyone else with a sword, share a silent moment in acknowledgement of your shared experience.
If you meet anyone else with your sword, you must defeat them in battle.

If you ever determine your sword is cursed, cast it aside. Change your background and delete all copies of the sword you have. You are now without protection but you're free of the curse.

It would be most unwise to return to the cavern, but of course I cannot stop you.

Author's Notes

All swords are taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's open access archives. The numbers in the sword's filename is it's id and you can go to https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/(Your Sword's ID) to learn more about your sword or any of the swords.

I used the Met's API to download all the swords, you can see the script I used right here.

Published 26 days ago
AuthorAlexa Kirchner
Tagslarp, Swords


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